Octek is a software development company established, in 2019, by tech enthusiasts with an aim to build IT products and services for businesses of all magnitudes. Within a very short span of time, the company has marked its presence in Gulf countries, USA and Australia. Our goal is to go global by the year 2025.

We crown our engineers for company’s excellence and continuous growth. Our leadership religiously believes in creating a culture that is highly conducive to the developers to bring about best of their creativity and workmanship. The technical expertise and extensive experience of our team enable us to work across different industries by closely understanding the project requirements with respective industry mechanics. We follow a Holacracy management system to empower our team to take effective and efficient decisions.

We specialize in creating products and services which resonate with changing trends, emerging technologies, and shifting paradigms. Our business philosophy is built on principles of exclusivity and uniqueness.

Our mantra “We want to shine in every success story” keeps us an apple of an eye for our customers.


To be world’s most trusted Software development company where businesses can experience exclusivity and uniqueness.


We invest innovative minds, emerging technologies and pedagogies, into our products and services
 to help business grow in right direction.

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